European Elections 2019

In May, hundreds of millions of citizens will elect a new European Parliament. EU citizens will carefully evaluate candidates and programmes, before making choices that will shape the future of our continent and our role in the world for years to come. The European Union, a unique, shared project underpinned by peaceful cooperation, is under threat from forces who wish to destroy what we have achieved together.

This is in contrast with recent surveys indicating a growing favourable opinion towards the EU. 48% of European citizens believe that “their voice counts in the EU”. Despite differences among Member States, this represents an overall 10% point increase over the last ten years.

However, much work must still be done.

We have to change Europe and make it more effective by answering citizens’ concerns and building upon what we have already achieved.

Over the next few months, in particular, our citizens will scrutinise how and what the European Union is doing to protect them, create new opportunities and project a strong European Union abroad. They will expect answers to concerns regarding migration flows, security, the environment and jobs. We must work hard to ensure that our citizens are aware of the results MEPs are delivering every day, like asylum reform, working more closely with Africa, fighting terrorism, anti-dumping measures to protect European jobs, holding web giants to account or protecting private data.

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